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Cox & Cox Stripey Double Deck Chair


If there's one thing that represents the quintessential British summer above all others, it has to be the deck chair. Despite seeming somewhat old fashioned these days, the deck chair's simplicity and comfort mean that it's still seen on beaches and in parks and gardens up and down the country.

This Stripey Double Deck Chair from Cox & Cox is twice the usual width, making it a comfortable seat for two. The frame is wood and the seat acrylic, so durable and weatherproof, which means this chair will be with you for many summers to come.

It costs £145 from Cox & Cox here.

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Bits and Bobs tin from Cox & Cox

Bits and bob tin

It can be tricky to get photo storage boxes that aren't either too fussy or too minimalistic. Cox & Cox's Bits and Bobs tin just about hits the middle ground between the two. Featuring a suitably nostalgia school photograph on the lid, the rest of the tin is left plain. It measures 12 x 16cm so a fair bit of space for your favourite snaps and other mementos. 

Can you put a price on memories? Arguably you can and, in this case, it's just £10. 

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