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Deborah Azzopardi Pop Art style blinds from Creatively Different Roller Blinds

Azzopardi blind

It's generally hard to get too excited about blinds, a view that Creatively Different Roller Blinds are working hard to rectify. They sell custom-sized blinds that are printed with an image of your choice. Their collection includes many striking images, including this Pop Art-style collection from Deborah Azzopardi.

The image shown is one of five of her colourful images available on the site or, for an even more exclusive blind, you can buy a signed by the artist, limited (and much more expensive) edition of a floral design called Flower Quartet. 

There's a price calculator on the website where you can work the cost based on the spec of your window. Just as a guidance, the telephone image above would cost £156 for a 100cm square window and, for comparison, the Flowers Quartet design is £362.

Whether first thing in the morning you can face the sun coming through an image that bright is another thing entirely…

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