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Daphne Padden midcentury illustration collection at Beast in Show

Spring padden

In the middle of many midcentury-inspired designs, this Daphne Padden collection from Beast in Show is the real thing, and her illustrations have been made available on everything from cards to coasters. 

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Categories / Design and Interiors

Daphne Padden designs on tea towels at To Dry For

Daphne Padden tea towel

Graphic designer Daphne Padden is best known for her work for London Transport (indeed that's how her name has cropped up on this site before). To Dry For have had the great idea of using some of her designs on their tea towels. 

These tea towels are adapted from some of Padden's paper-cut collages and they look like they date from the 1950s and 60s. Pictured is 'Kitchen Baking', pretty self explanatory with its colourful image of scales, kitchen implements and impressive looking cakes. There are three further designs to pick from covering subject matter as diverse as gardening, London and chickens and meaning there should be something for every taste. 

The tea towels cost £11.95 each.