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Etienne Dress from Monsoon


The high street's retro trend du jour for this Winter is undoubtedly twenties and thirties influence. Thankfully eschewing the more obvious end of flapper style, many womenswear retailers are offering a more subtle take on the era's fashions with pieces like this Etienne Dress from Monsoon.

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Sequin Cami Top from New Look


This season's high street ranges promise plenty of 1920s influence in time for the usual glitz of Winterwear, providing an ideal choice in eveningwear for retro lovers everywhere. This Sequin Cami Top from New Look has a strong twenties aesthetic without falling for the same old clichés.

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Orange Deco Clutch from River Island


We might be living in the generation of all things Retro, but even in the 20th century designers were looking backwards for inspiration. This Orange Deco Clutch from River Island is a perfect example of when two eras meet well, drawing design ideas from both the 20s and the 70s at once.

The burnt orange shade and large clutch design of the bag have a simple but instant seventies feel, providing a great basis for the unusual use of deco design on top. The contrasting silver allows the structural design of the metallic deco detailing to pop.

It's available from River Island now for £25.

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