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TV Charm Necklace by Me & Zena


We’ve featured a number of products using the various incarnations of the TV Testcard, all a variety of home furnishings. For a hint of this 20th Century design classic in your wardrobe, these TV Charm Necklaces by Me & Zena are perfect.

The pendant’s charm features a sixties/seventies look telly set with a choice of testcard screen or static ‘snow’ instead. The design’s kitschy retro appeal is a fun little accessory that injects some retro style into any era of wardrobe.

Get them online from Dollydagger for £18 each.

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Mary-Jane Shoes from Melissa Ashia


The easiest way to inject a brave dash of colour into any wardrobe is through the accessories, and killer shoes are a must for any retro look. These Melissa Ashia Mary-Jane Shoes are ideal for a fifties or sixties wardrobe, in a dazzling shade of red.

The shoes are made from thick, durable plastic, ensuring that candy-apple sheen will last uncreased for longer than patent leather. With a simple thin ankle strap and rounded heel, the simplicity and classic shape compliment the loud colour to create a headturning accessory.

Get them online from Dollydagger for £75.

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Retro robot hand warmers


Venture outside and there’s more than a chill in the air. If you liked the robot salt and pepper pots featured earlier in the week and are looking for another way to your gloves to keep your hands warm on a cold winter’s day, how about these retro robot hand warmers

They work like those hand warmer pouches you may have seen: you click a metal disk to activate the heat and they are re-usable as you place can them into hot water to reactivate. The advantage is that these are shaped like cute robots meaning there’s far more incentive for kids (or adults) to carry them around. 

The hand warmers cost £6.50 from Dollydagger

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Gibson plectrum door knobs


Gibson produce some of the most recognisable guitars in the world, and also have a logo to match. If you fancy adding a rock ‘n’ roll touch to the rooms in your house, how about these Gibson guitar door knobs?

They are handmade by Karoline Mileham using plectrums and, for the finishing touch, she also makes matching wall switches. It’s a simple and effective idea and the £7.99 price tag, though a significant mark-up on the cost of the individual plectrums, is still nowhere near the cost of one of their guitars. 

Buy it from Dollydagger