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Sophia Jumper from JoJo & Mac


For the endless streams of retro dresses, coats and shoes available on the high street and online at the moment, it can still prove a difficult task to find equally stylish separates. Items like sweaters and tops often prove the most elusive, making this Sophia Jumper from JoJo & Mac a great option.

The fine mohair knit gives this jumper some luxurious appeal and lifts it above cheaper options. The simple shape is complimented by sharp lines in nautical shades, with a high neckline and long bodice proving reminiscent of sixties tunic dresses. The addition of a lace bow adds another element of sixties style, with some mid-decade girlishness.

Get it online in the UK from Dollydagger for £55.

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Scarlet Dress by Dollydagger


While recent years have seen many retro elements make their way into high street dress design, there’s nothing quite like those all-out vintage look pieces to turn heads. This Scarlet Dress from Dollydagger Boutique is a dress with effortless style that will outlive any fashion trends.

Made in the UK, the soft rose print poplin fabric is ideal for summer months, with both structure and lightness combined. The uniquely fifties bell-shaped skirt can be worn with or without underskirts to suit day or evening time wear – with no expense spared on a luxurious five metres of fabric in the skirt section alone.

Pre-order it now from Dollydagger online for £130.

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Pretty City red telephone box doorstop


It’s fairly easy to find a nice fabric doorstop – we’ve featured more than a few on this site. The idea is given a fun twist with this doorstop by Pretty City which comes in the iconic shape of a red telephone box

Though instantly recognisable as a phone box, it’s been given something of a make-over. The 10cm high doorstop is covered in appliqued and embroidered flowers and scrolls as well as the words ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ sewn onto either side of the doorstop. The stuffing also makes it a touch more wonky than your average phone box too, that’s unless vandals have been at it again of course. 

A fun purchase, this doorstop costs £16.99.

Buy it from Dollydagger

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Retro Train Case by Doll Face


Vanity cases are a staple of retro wardrobes, nowadays, doubling up as a nifty alternative to anything from a handbag to your lunchbox. For a variation on the much seen vanity case option, this Train Case by Doll Face has all the charm of a vintage piece, while providing something a little more unusual too.

The shape is both practical and charming, with a solid structure and rounded edges for that fifties/sixties chic. The silver-look double fastenings and trim keep the case intact and looking sharp, while a baby pink colour choice is faultlessly vintage inspired.

It’s available online from Dollydagger in the UK for £30.

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Hello Sailor Doughboy Hat by Lilly Lewis


While we’ve featured many subtle nautical inspired pieces from the high street this Spring and Summer, sometimes occasion calls for something decidedly more daring in your retro wardrobe. This Hello Sailor Doughboy Hat by Lilly Lewis is just such an accessory, ready to inject some undeniable spark into any outfit.

With a definite thread of inspiration coming from fifties pin-up fashion, this handmade gem ticks all the right boxes for a vintage inspired look. With red and blue breton stripes, the rosette detail is just the perfect addition to a subtle shape and size. Ideal for instantly adding a retro edge to any outfit.

It’s available online in the UK from Dollydagger for £39.

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Retro diner wall clock at Dollydagger


Dollydagger claim their store stocks ‘cool clothes for rock n roll chicks’. They’ve also got a nice line in stocking cool home accessories for rock n roll chicks (and guys), such as this retro diner wall clock

Perfect for adding a touch of 50s Americana to a kitchen, it’s made in bright and cheerful plastic, also available in green and black as well as the powder blue shown. The clock face is bold and easy-to-read too. 

It costs £18.50, leaving plenty of change to fund a rock around the clock. 

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