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Cream Faux Fur Hat from Miss Selfridge


Of all the fabrics that instantly spell high end luxury, fur is a timeless classic. Faux fur options have improved hugely over the past couple of decades, looking every bit as glamorous as the real thing. This Cream Cossack Hat from Miss Selfridge is a chic and sumptuous retro accessory that uses faux fur to great effect.

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Feather Floppy Hat from River Island


Well chosen accessories can be the most effective, and most affordable, way to transform any outfit into an instant retro ensemble. This Feather Detail Floppy Hat from River Island can't fail to add some vintage credentials, inspired by the crossover between sixties and seventies fashion.

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Peaked Cloche Hat by Diane von Furstenberg


To easily achieve a genuine vintage look from any outfit, accessories are often the quickest and most effective way, regardless of the trend you are tapping into. This Peaked Cloche Hat from Diane von Furstenberg lends an instantly sixties feel to any outfit, without lacking subtlety or classic looks.

The hat takes a classically pre-War cloche style and gives it a sixties update, with a more structural shape and the addition of a pageboy style short peak. Finished in a luxurious burgundy felt fabric, with gold hardware, the result is a piece that captures all that felt modern and chic in the sixties.

It's available online from Matches Fashion for £125.

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