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Feather Floppy Hat from River Island


Well chosen accessories can be the most effective, and most affordable, way to transform any outfit into an instant retro ensemble. This Feather Detail Floppy Hat from River Island can't fail to add some vintage credentials, inspired by the crossover between sixties and seventies fashion.

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Categories / Women's Fashion

Feather Hairband from New Look


Feather fascinators have long been a mainstay of burlesque inspired fashion, whether on stage or off, and that influence has filtered into the high street's retro lines. This Feather Hairband from New Look provides an easy way to include the look into your evening wardrobe, providing a hint of unmistakeable vintage inspiration.

The muted colour palette of the feather allows this piece to be worn with almost any outfit. While the feathered palette may be large, the arrangement's placing close to the head means it isn't too outlandish to wear on almost any occasion.

It's available from New Look for just £8 now.

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