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Woven Suitcase Bag from Topshop

Although it calls itself a suitcase, there's little chance of you fitting anything but your smalls in this petite Woven Suitcase Bag from Topshop.
Based on the ever popular vintage train case, this little beauty has the added extra of a cross-body strap. The combination of the canvas and 'Chartreuse' faux-leather give the bag a real summertime feel and is then finished with an antiqued brass catch for extra vintage feel.

£35 from Topshop. See the website for more details.

Categories / Bags, Women's Fashion

Retro Train Case by Doll Face


Vanity cases are a staple of retro wardrobes, nowadays, doubling up as a nifty alternative to anything from a handbag to your lunchbox. For a variation on the much seen vanity case option, this Train Case by Doll Face has all the charm of a vintage piece, while providing something a little more unusual too.

The shape is both practical and charming, with a solid structure and rounded edges for that fifties/sixties chic. The silver-look double fastenings and trim keep the case intact and looking sharp, while a baby pink colour choice is faultlessly vintage inspired.

It’s available online from Dollydagger in the UK for £30.

Find out more from the website