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Midcentury-style dining table and chairs at Dooley’s Furniture


Functional, as well as offering a nod to the 1950s. that's this midcentury-style dining table and chairs at Dooley's Furniture.

Th is modern design is fairly timeless, although it is obviously inspired by midcentury Scandinavian pieces, offering up that retro twist without throwing it in your face. All made of oak, you get the table with that slanted legs and lacquered finish, plus the chairs, with the same finish, but with curved backs and slightly angled seats.

The entire set is yours for £825. You can also buy the table and chairs separately.

Find out more at the Dooley's Furniture website

Categories / Design and Interiors

50s Retro two-door sideboard at Dooley’s Furniture


50s Retro is the name  of the piece, with this oak sideboard certainly living up to the name.

By that, we mean the look is certainly 1950s midcentury, although the design is a new one. For your money you get that oak construction witty a satin lacquer finish, four low angled legs and two doors to the front.

The entire thing is 120cm wide (about 4ft) and 70cm tall, selling right now for £286.

Find out more at the Dooley's Furniture website