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Double Breasted Coat by Tulle


It's often tempting to shy away from bold colours when buying a heavy coat, opting for neutrals to wear with everything. For truly vintage-inspired looks, however, an injection of the right colour palette can be the most effective choice. This Double Breasted Plaid Coat by designers Tulle is anything but dull, yet still manages to keep an edge of classic design.

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eBay watch: 1970s Double Dijkstra Arc lamp


At first glance, you might be thinking Guzzini, but this is actually a Double Dijkstra Arc lamp.

This eye-catching 1970s design consists of two chromed metal arcs and two plastic shades, the plastic being double layered with a white interior contrasting with the brown outer shade. There's also an on/off switch and the option to move both shades individually from each other.

Fancy it? The condition is described as 'very good' and the price right now is £28.21.

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