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Starlite Urban Drive-In


Always fancied the great American tradition of the drive-in movie but 1) don't live in America 2) don't have a car. Well, the answer to your prayers has arrived with the Starlite Urban Drive-In

It's launching with two nights in the middle of London, at the Truman Brewery in Brick Lane. There are then plans to tour it around the country. One of the best bits for public transport devotees is that the cars are provided. It may not be the Cadillac of your dreams as the event is sponsored by Volvo, but it's a lot less expensive. Roller-skating waitresses selling popcorn are also promised. 

The choice of films is a bit disappointing – take your teenage daughter to the Twilight evening on Friday 2 July while Grease is the film of choice on the Saturday. 

Booking opens at midday today (Tuesday 1 June) and tickets cost £25. . 

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Pinewood studios drive-in films


I've always regretted that in Britain we never had the teenage rite of passage that is the drive-in movie (well, that's how it appeared from the films I watched anyway). So, it was with great excitement I learnt about Pinewood Studios' Drive-in films

Over the next few weeks, you and your friends (a maximum of four per car) can turn up and watch a selection of films on a massive screen: Pinewood Studios have converted their Paddock Lock into a screening area for the occasion. Paddock Lock is the studio's outdoor filming facility, built in 1959 for 'Shoot the Bismarck!' and still used today for films such as Casino Royal and Quantum of Solace. 

There's quite a mainstream selection of films being shown such as Notting Hill and Mamma Mia! However, do bring your mini along on the 4 December for a screening of the The Italian Job. Standard price for a car is £35, with £55 for a VIP ticket that includes premium parking and service.  

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