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Delia Derbyshire poster by Piper Gates Design


From the people who gave us the likes of the Joy Division and Syd Barrett colouring books, not to mention the Prisoner and Bedazzled posters comes the Delia Derbyshire poster by Piper Gates Design.

Who is Delia Derbyshire you ask? Well, you're unlikely to know unless you are a Doctor Who or vintage electronica fan. She was a pioneer of the latter and best-known for her work as part of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, where she produced the famous Doctor Who theme, amongst other things.

This suitably '60s poster is limited to 45 copies, sized at 500mm x 700mm and printed on very high quality 194 gram paper, each one signed by the artist. £22.99 gets you one. See a shot of the poster on a wall over the page.

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