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Musical Bouquet print by Madamesange

This Musical Bouquet print by Madamesange is a joyful piece of retro-styled artwork. 

Madamesange is otherwise known as Helen Lang. This piece has something of a fifties/early sixties feel about it, from the boxy look of the musician to the sketchy style of the flowers. 

A lovely piece of artwork, if you like it we advise moving quickly – it's a limited edition of just twenty. 

The print costs £58.

Buy it from Elphicks

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Clifford Richards prints at Elphicks

Richards toucans

Fans of the distinctive graphic design of Clifford Richards will be pleased to hear Elphicks is stocking some of his original prints from the early 70s. 

Dating to 1972, the prints depict a range of different birds, delineated in simple, bold lines and colours. As well as the toucans illustrated, there are also designs showing owls, swallows, flamingos and parrots. 

The prints cost £275 each. 

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Peggy Wickham prints at Elphicks


Elphicks is currently selling a couple of original 1950s prints by children's illustrator Peggy Wickham. The design shown, 'On the Beach', perfectly captures a nostalgic summer holiday, while the other print, 'The Village', captures an idyllic English rural scene. They are also selling three further designs as reproduction Giclee prints. 

On the Beach costs £75 while the Giclee prints (available in the shop only) cost £20 each. 

Buy the original print from the Elphicks website or see the other designs on the Elphicks blog

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Two Up, Two Down print by Lisa Jones

Lisa Jones two up

We've shown you Lisa Jones' delightful images before, specifically her Town print. This Two Up, Two Down print is every bit as appealing. 

The image shows a typically British house in a scene that is brimming with detail, from the milk bottles by the door to the apple and anglepoise lamp in the window to the cup of coffee on the windowsill. The use of the three colour blue palette adds to the retro Scandinavian feel. 

Two Up, Two Down costs £65 from Elphicks

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Flower Kat print by David Weidman

If you think the use of colour and pattern in David Weidman's Flower Kat print screams the 1970s that's because it was created in the 70s – 1973 to be exact. 

It's one of three screen prints by Weidman currently for sale on the Elphicks website, all open editions of work created in the 60s and 70s. The artist began his career as an animator in 1950s L.A. before going on to produce his own work. His portfolio of work is vast but retains the distinctive look evident in this print.

If this has sparked your curiosity, more of his work can be seen in the retrospective book Whimsical Work of David Weidman.

This print costs £49.

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