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eBay watch: 1970s space age Estyma alarm clock


Big thanks to Andrew Graham for spotting and sending us this superb piece of 1970s space age design, the Estyma alarm clock.

It's a digital flip clock, made in (West) Germany, with that bold yellow outer shell contrasting with the black and white display within. No power needed either – this has an old school wind-up, one mechanism for the date, the other for the time.

The clock is said to run 'fine', with the bright yellow case said to be 'virtually unmarked'. The only blemish is a 'small chip' on the clear scene, which isn't all that noticeable, check the images on the site to see if it's a deal breaker. If not, bidding right now is at just 99 pence.

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eBay watch: Grand Star GS-969 space age flip clock radio


Not just a stylish piece of early 1970s space age design, this Grand Star GS-969 flip clock radio also comes with its original packaging and instructions.

Apparently dating from 1974, it's described as a 'fully functioning' flip clock and alarm with AM/FM radio and the option to illuminate (should you need a time check in the night). All topped off with that deep orange outer, very reminiscent of the era. That's good enough. But also included is the original box, internal packaging, instructions and original earpiece. Impressive.

There are 'very minor blemishes', presumably through age, but apart from that, all is well and good. See that packaging over the page and if you fancy this, the bidding currently stands at just £1.

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Update: The seller also seems to have one for sale in white too. Check that out here.

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eBay watch: 1970s Bodet BT659 flip clock


Not one of the classic Cifra flip clocks by Gino Valle, but this Bodet BT659 flip clock out of France is from a similar era – and looks every bit as stylish.

Unlike a lot of these types of clock that appear on eBay, this 1970s design is an independent clock rather than a 'slave' clock. In other words, it just works without needing as master unit or additional parts. That's a big plus point. Just three batteries and you are away. According to the seller, this makes it 'very, very rare' and as such, a sought-after piece.

Aside from that, the clock is 'in used but very good above-average condition' with 'only marginal signs of wear'. Of course, it's in working condition too. A few bids already in, but right now, the bidding is still at £21.

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