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eBay watch: 1970s space age Estyma alarm clock


Big thanks to Andrew Graham for spotting and sending us this superb piece of 1970s space age design, the Estyma alarm clock.

It's a digital flip clock, made in (West) Germany, with that bold yellow outer shell contrasting with the black and white display within. No power needed either – this has an old school wind-up, one mechanism for the date, the other for the time.

The clock is said to run 'fine', with the bright yellow case said to be 'virtually unmarked'. The only blemish is a 'small chip' on the clear scene, which isn't all that noticeable, check the images on the site to see if it's a deal breaker. If not, bidding right now is at just 99 pence.

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eBay watch: 1970s Richter electric clock


Interesting piece of late 60s or more likely, early 70s design out of (West) Germany in the form of this Richter electric clock.

Love the subtle space age looks, not least with the circular body and contrasting stand, with the stainless steel face looking a little more traditional, but still offering up a good amount of style.

According to the seller, it's in 'almost immaculate' condition, with a 'very good quality' movement, right down to the sweeping hand for an animated passing of time.

Right now, it's at £24.95.

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eBay watch: 1960s Mauthe wall clock


I don't know the maker, but this 1960s Mauthe wall clock certainly oozes midcentury style.

The manufacturer is actually out of Germany, producing this square wooden wall clock with platic accents and brass hands, finished off with a modern quartz movement, battery power and the maker's name in brass just under the '12'.

It's sized around 13 x 13 inches and is described as being in 'very good' condition. Price? Right now it's at £5.50.

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1960s Eiermann screen remade for the modern era


A piece of design history, with this Eiermann screen still a useful and stylsh item in the modern home.

It was designed by Egon Eiermann in 1968, originally designed as a room divider for the entrance hall and the conference rooms at the German Parliament in Bonn.

It has now been reissued by Richard Lampert in small numbers, constructed of Douglas fir and white lacquered MDF, with a size of around 274w x 30d x 172.5cm. Price? You'll need to pay £1,968.

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eBay watch: Rosita 1970s space age hi-fi system


Regular readers will recall us featuring the Rosita Stereo Commander Luxus hi-fi system recently, which was a stunning space age audio system, albeit for £1,699. This Rosita space age hi-fi system is similar and from the same era – but bidding starts at just £1.

There are differences though, despite the initial similarity of looks, not least the stunning chromed, tulip-style base and that similarity of age. This one is made of painted wood for the casing, with integrated speakers and a see-through plastic lid. Vinyl playback, a cassette player and a Grundig radio, plus lots of stylish controls finish things off.

Downside? This is in 'unrestored' condition and although there's no major damage, there are some (cosmetic) things missing from the cassette player. Still, with no bids and that £1 price tag still possible, this Rosita system is well worth looking at more closely. Another image over the page or see the listing for many more.

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eBay watch: 1970s Blessing tulip-style space age alarm clock


Judging by the brisk bidding so far for this item, the Blessing alarm clock is an item in demand.

Straight out of the 1970s (as you might have guessed), it was made in (West) Germany, with a block and white colour scheme, circular colour scheme for the numbers and that tulip-style base. All of that in a clock that stands around seven inches tall.

As we said, plenty of interest already, although that interest has only resulted in a bidding price of £23 so far.

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