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Cocktail Party Screen

Kiki Voltaire is the interiors company of professional upholsterer, Stephanie Leclere, and its products combine vintage finds with distinctive fabrics.

The Cocktail Party Screen is a typical Kiki Voltaire piece. The room divider has been upholstered in Marimekko Ystatvat fabric on one side and orange wool on the other side to create a unique piece. It consists of four panels measuring 50cm each (standing at 180cm high). Each screen is a one-off piece, but similar screens can be made to order. It costs £950.

Visit the Kiki Voltaire store on Not on the High Street to order.

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1960s Eiermann screen remade for the modern era


A piece of design history, with this Eiermann screen still a useful and stylsh item in the modern home.

It was designed by Egon Eiermann in 1968, originally designed as a room divider for the entrance hall and the conference rooms at the German Parliament in Bonn.

It has now been reissued by Richard Lampert in small numbers, constructed of Douglas fir and white lacquered MDF, with a size of around 274w x 30d x 172.5cm. Price? You'll need to pay £1,968.

Find out more at the TwentyTwentyOne website