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U & I Graphic Art Print by Hunter Jones

So many graphic prints look beautiful but don't say anything you could live with reading on a daily basis. This U & I print by Hunter Jones takes it's inspiration from vintage chat up lines and manages to come up with a romantic phrase that's also a type-setting pun.

The print reads "If I could rearrange the alphabet I would put U & I together." in a variety of  different monochrome fonts, punctuated with a red heart. It's printed on A3 110 gsm paper and costs £20 (frame not included).

You can buy it from Supernice here.


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Barneby Gates Typecast wallpaper


Barneby Gates seem to be the people of the moment to go to for an unusual wallpaper. You may remember their promenade wallpaper which mixed up fashions of different eras: they've now applied the same principle to typography with their Typecast wallpaper.

The paper is covered with a range of vintage fonts, starting at heavy wooden block prints and go through to graffiti type lettering. The ornate feel is enhanced by the use of gold prints. As an added twist, there's apparently a hidden message in the paper – you can't tell from the image, so you'll have a buy a roll if you want to find out what it says. 

The paper costs £75 a roll.

Buy it from Rockett St George

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House Industries plywood prints

Banjo print

More stylish artwork courtesy of House Industries, in this case with their plywood prints

Their prints are all based around fonts devised for the advertising industry between the 1930s and the 90s. One print actually reproduces the index to these fonts but the Banjo print pictured reproduces the alphabet and has a strong late 60s/70s look with the plywood material adding to the retro feel. Each print is pre-drilled to help with hanging them on your wall. 

The prints cost $100 each. 

Buy them online