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A is for Artist wallpaper by Ella Doran

Letterpress insitu 2 for web

Ella Doran is a designer well known for her use of the photographic image. So it's perhaps surprising that her latest product – A is for Artist wallpaper – celebrates the art of block and letterpress printing.

The wallpaper is covered with a design showing vintage printers trays. It's digitally printed onto the paper, making for an interesting and unusual wallpaper. 

The paper costs £150 per 10 metre roll.

Order it online

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House Industries plywood prints

Banjo print

More stylish artwork courtesy of House Industries, in this case with their plywood prints

Their prints are all based around fonts devised for the advertising industry between the 1930s and the 90s. One print actually reproduces the index to these fonts but the Banjo print pictured reproduces the alphabet and has a strong late 60s/70s look with the plywood material adding to the retro feel. Each print is pre-drilled to help with hanging them on your wall. 

The prints cost $100 each. 

Buy them online

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Modern living stationery set by SORT

Sort box

We've featured quite a few of the Southbank Centre's collaborations recently and this new Modern Living stationery set, from SORT is another interesting addition to their range. 

SORT stands for Society of Revisionist Typographers and, as their name suggests, they use typography and printing techniques of the past but marry them up with a contemporary design aesthetic. The inspiration for this set comes from the Festival of Britain with the designs on the stationery has a very 50s look. 

Each set contains 30 sheets of notepaper, 8 notelets and 20 envelopes, all hand-printed and kept in a stylish presentation box. The set costs £15.

Buy it from the Southbank Centre

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Printing press stamps

Printing press letters

If you were a fan of the Kent and London alphabet drawers you may also like these printing press stamps which use the same idea although on a much smaller scale. Each stamp features a letter, number or symbol inspired by old printing press blocks. They are designed to be decorative and would be an attractive alternative to the ready-made vintage looking signs that you can buy for the home. 

The size of each block varies, starting at 7cm high, and each block costs £3.50. 

Buy them from the Graham and Green website