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SORT Festival of Britain commemorative stationery set

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Cast your mind back and you may remember Modern Living stationery set we featured from the Society of Revisionist Typographers, otherwise known as SORT. SORT have produced another product for the Southbank Centre, this time a Festival of Britain commemorative stationery set

The duo have deployed their letterpress skills to echo the graphic style and logos of the original Festival of Britain. Each set contains 30 sheets of notepaper, split between two different styles, 20 printed envelopes and one notebook, all in a presentation box.

Something to write home about, the set costs £15.

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Modern living stationery set by SORT

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We've featured quite a few of the Southbank Centre's collaborations recently and this new Modern Living stationery set, from SORT is another interesting addition to their range. 

SORT stands for Society of Revisionist Typographers and, as their name suggests, they use typography and printing techniques of the past but marry them up with a contemporary design aesthetic. The inspiration for this set comes from the Festival of Britain with the designs on the stationery has a very 50s look. 

Each set contains 30 sheets of notepaper, 8 notelets and 20 envelopes, all hand-printed and kept in a stylish presentation box. The set costs £15.

Buy it from the Southbank Centre