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Monochrome Sleeveless Blouse from Oasis


Sometimes the easiest way to find the ideal retro wardrobe staple is to go for simplicity. That's especially evident with this Contrast Formal Top from Oasis, delivering a versatile and classic monochrome blouse that you'll wear over and over.

The sleeveless cut combines with a loose, luxurious fit to create a high end turn of the sixties feeling. The contrasting black is used sparingly as trim at the sleeves and collar, creating a sharp and neat shape. The added bow brings a feminine edge that assures a vintage edge.

Get it now from Oasis for £40.

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Categories / Women's Fashion

Bow Neck Jacket by Christian Dior


Classic suiting and tailored items are very much the order of the day in women's retro fashion, thanks in large part to the popularity of Mad Men. Thankfully this means many more truly vintage inspired pieces for all of us, like this Bow Neck Jacket from Christian Dior.

This jacket's exceptional tailoring and structure have an instantly late fifties/early sixties impact. The ideal choice of outerwear for either a sharp work environment or a special social event, this is one of few designer pieces that will really belong in (and out of) your wardrobe for years to come.

Made from 100% wool, it'll set you back £1300 from Browns.

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