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Scarf Riding Coat from Wallis


When the colder weather really sets in, investment in a stylish dress coat is a must to complete your carefully chosen retro outfit. Luxurious heritage looks are ideal, drawing on decades of outerwear design inspiration in pieces like this 1923 Scarf Riding Coat from Wallis.

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Leatherette Trim Coat from Warehouse


Every Autumn/Winter season it's the outerwear that most often draws on classic design for inspiration, providing a great choice for retro lovers across the eras. This Leatherette Trim Coat from Warehouse has a cool vintage inspired feel that will last for seasons.

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Jacey Military Cardigan from Missguided


The most memorable early instances of military styling in mainstream fashion came with the psychedelic kids of the 1960s, and while the trend has continually come in and out of fashion it often retains some of that vintage feel. This Jacey Cardigan from Missguided provides just enough sixties military style, while staying thoroughly wearable for every day.

The cropped, collarless cut lends a sharp mid-sixties style to the silhouette that allows the gold detailing to shine. The jersey fabric, however, lends some casual feeling to the cardi, making it suitable to be worn on almost any occasion.

It's available from Missguided online for £24.99.

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