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Velvet Hot Pants from Missguided


There may be a great variety of retro trends to tap into from the 1970s, but tackling a disco-inspired chic from the era takes a mite of bravery. If you're up to the challenge, you can't go wrong with some vintage-styled hotpants like these Pepper Velvet versions from Missguided.

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Rossana Peter Pan Blouse from Missguided


With so much of the appeal of mid-sixties inspired clothing lying in its structural, often buttoned up elements, it can be difficult to find pieces suitable for more stifling weather. Happily the look can still be achieved with much more summer-friendly fabrics, as shown in this Rossana Peter Pan Collar Blouse from Missguided.

The androgynous high collar and bust-minimising loose fit are still present to create that sharp mod-inspired feel, while a loose sheer fabric creates both a lightness and a daring glimpse of flesh. The contrasting black collar has an easy retro feel, with brass-look buttons to finish.

It's available online from Missguided for £16.99.

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Striped Nautical Jacket from Missguided


While the warmer weather continues for some of us, there's every excuse to indulge in summer clothing that manages to be both stylish and practical. This Sybil Striped Nautical Jacket from Missguided is an ideal choice at a price that's easy to say yes to.

The cropped shape lends itself well to a crossover fifties/sixties aesthetic, adding a femininity to the sailor-inspired piece. Made from a light jersey fabric, it's the perfect cover-up for summer evenings, too. The Breton stripe stays classic in navy and white, while the addition of anchor-emblazoned gold look buttons has a cool kitsch.

Get yours from Missguided for £22.99.

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Codie Smock Dress from Missguided


Florals are always a big focus for designers during the Spring and Summer months, paving the way for a variety of retro eras to provide inspiration. This Codie Floral Printed Smock Dress from Missguided uses a floral print to help create a killer sixties look for the sunshine.

The mini dress silhouette is given an extra 60s element thanks to wide bell sleeves with an added tight cuff, creating a bold outline that contrasts the simplicity of the a-line skirt. With the florals used on the border and cuffs, and chic chiffon-look fabric creates an ethereal style that's a great ode to later sixties looks.

It's available now from Missguided online for £25.99.

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Mariota Belted Chinos from Missguided


With so many skirts and dresses available to retro lovers at the moment, a well observed pair of vintage inspired trousers is always a welcome addition. These Mariota Belted Chinos from Missguided are a versatile pair for a variety of 20th century looks.

The chinos are tailored with a high waist and cigarette pants style tapered leg, creating a silhouette that's well suited to either a sixties beatnik style, or an eighties nautical-inspired aesthetic. The grey shade elevates these into a statement piece, avoiding the basic black of so many others.

Also available in mink and black, they're now at Missguided online for just £18.99.

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Ivalyn Sequin Dress from Missguided


Since the resurgence of maxi dresses on the high street some years ago, the offerings have been largely casual and summery. Tapping into a more glamourous aesthetic, this Ivalyn Sequin Dress from Missguided provides a different retro influence for your Christmas wardrobe.

The simple shape and cut of the dress allows accessories to adapt it into a variety of retro looks, from a high glam 50s Hollywood look to a late seventies chic. The strapless cut shows just enough flesh to contrast the long skirt, while black sequins provide a sparkle without the expense of beading.

It's available online from Missguided for £44.99.

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