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Purnukka jar – 1950s storage

Here's a subtle piece of retro style, the Purnukka jar.

Manufactured by Iittala, though they look pretty timeless, these ceramic jars were actually designed by Kaj Franck back in 1953 and remained in production until 1975. They're now back in a tantalising range of colours and with just a slight tweak to the original design: they've been changed so they are better at stacking. Available in either 60mm or 120mm sizing, they're guaranteed to keep looking good for many more decades to come. 

The jars are priced at £16 for smaller size and £19 for the larger jar. 

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Iittala Maribowl

Iittala’s Maribowl is a classic of Finnish design, having been in production since the 1960s, and also has associations with that other great Finnish design company, Marimekko, as its founder , Armi Ratia, made the bowls even more desirably by using them at her famous garden parties.

Perhaps some of the Maribowl’s continued popularity is that it works as either a decorative item or a functional serving bowl – I’m picturing it filled with a huge ice cream sundae. It is available in a variety of different colours with the price being dependent on how difficult it to manufacture glass in that colour, red being the most tricky pigment to use.

Prices range from £16 for smaller Maribowls in shades of blue, green and grey through to £49 for a deep red colour, with shades of yellow, orange and brown priced somewhere in between, at Hus and Hem.