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Alice Apple retro building block fridge magnets

Building blocks
Like Alice Apple and her fantastically patterned mugs? She's extending her designs into the rest of the kitchen too, with these building block fridge magnets

Perfect for kids, or a woefully drab looking fridge, these are a colourful collection of magnets, covered in her 70s-style patterns. Play with them and stack them up to build your dream home. 

Available in only very limited number, if you like them we advise snapping you to snap up a set now. 

The magnets cost £8. 

Buy it from her Etsy shop

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Morph fridge magnets

Morph magnets

The plasticine character, Morph, remains a childhood favourite of many from his days on the telly with Tony Hart. Now you can take a trip down memory lane every time you go to into the kitchen, with these Morph fridge magnets

A pack includes two sheets of magnets including Morph in various guises alongside Chas and more practical magnets featuring numbers and days of the week.

Each pack costs £10. 

Buy them from Urban Outfitters

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Gorenje RF60309 Retro fridge freezer goes Vintage


We have featured the name Gorenje before, specifically with its Retro Funky range of fridge/freezers, which give Smeg a run for its not money – not least on price. Well, they're back with the RF60309 Retro fridge freezer, which is being sold in Vintage colourways.

Specifically that's the shade above and the chocolate varation over the page, both with those classic looks and now with subdued colourways that should fit into a vintage-style kitchen or home. Not that the actual fridge is a throwback, offering up all the features including a hefty capacity, an A++ energy efficiency rating, auto defrosting, fast chill, self-closing door and flexible storage.

No price, but we suspect around the same as the recent range, with prices there starting at £799.

Gorenje website

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Fuzzy-felt fridge magnets

Fuzzy-felt is something that probably popped up in most people's childhoods as, after all, it started being produced in 1950. Here's a chance to remember the creativity of your youth as the toy is now available as fridge magnets

The magnet set includes over 100 felt pieces made in the three primary colours and the classic shapes that you'll remember. From children to animals to transport, they're all included. 

The set costs £9.49 and makes going to get your milk out the fridge a whole lot more fun. 

Buy them from the Lazybone website