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American Pressed Glass Hen Dish

Fans of kitsch Americana should take a look at these Pressed Glass Hen Dishes from Retropolitan.

The dishes are a new production line, but made from original pressed glass molds from the 1940's-1960's using the original techniques and colours for producing this type of glassware. The colours have a jewel-like quality as they catch and reflect the light; perfect for adding some retro glamour to your tableware.

You could go for pink, limelight or grape and the dishes cost £21.95 each – take a closer look here.

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1960s Arnolfo Di Cambio Smoke glassware by Joe Colombo


We're big fans of the work of Joe Colombo, but here's something a little less obvious, although every bit as eye-catching as his mopper obvious work – the Arnolfo Di Cambio Smoke glassware.

It was described as 'the interpretation of cultivated society's new shape', as seen by Joe Colombo back in 1964. Made from blown crystal, the glasses feature a particular shape that allows them to be held in one hand along with a cigarette – ergonomically designed to be gripped from the base with a single thumb, keeping the other fingers free.

In these days of smoking being less socially acceptable, Smoke is still a great example of 60s space age design, from a man forever associated with it. Not cheap, as you might have guessed, £109 for two glasses.

Find out more at the YOOX website