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LSA Odette Mocha vases


LSA have a good line in retro style ceramics, including these new Odette Mocha vase.

There's a definite trend toward featuring vintage-looking glassware on the high street at the moment and the dimpled surface of these vases definitely lends itself to that look. The unusual coffee coloured glass gives a nice twist to the trend. 

The smaller vase sells for £27, while the larger vase goes for £44.  

Buy them from Dotmaison  

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LSA Rooster mugs

LSA rooster

Like LSA's Zabo vases we featured earlier in the year, you'd be forgiven for thinking these Rooster mugs were an older Scandinavian item. In fact they are another contemporary design by Monika Lubkowska-Jones. The mugs have a folk art look, each mug featuring a slight variant on a basic design of the silhouettes of two roosters. 

A set features all four designs, each on a different colour mug, and costs £20. 

Buy them from the Nest website