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God Save the Queen Cushion

Rockett St George have come over all monarchist thinking about the upcoming royal nuptials when they are promoting the latest Barbara Coupe design, but her God Save the Queen cushion, could just as easily be a reference to the old punk song.

The cushion is made from jute hessian, giving it a coarse and decidedly not regal texture, with the slogan hand printed across it in a rather DIY looking font. It is stuffed with a duck feather cushion pad and measures 48 cm by 32 cm.

The cushion costs £46 from Rockett St George.

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Newgate God Save The Queen Clock

Newgate has produced a number of retro clocks, usually inspired by old-fashioned railway station clocks, but this is the first one I’ve seen that is influenced by punk.

The God Save the Queen Clock doesn’t feature Jamie Reid’s iconic artwork for the Sex Pistols’ record, but does have a punk aesthetic, with paint splattered patterns clashing with the vintage-style numerals. The clock is made from glass and measures 50cm in diameter.

It costs £44.95 from Colloco.