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Offside table football-style hanger by LADP


Don't just hang your coat just anywhere – hang it on the Offside hanger by LADP.

Yes, based on a classic table football game (also known as foosball in some parts), it's the work of Norwegian designer Runa Klock, who has matched up larger versions of the little men, fixing them to a stainless steel or white lacquered aluminium frame.

Choose from red, green, blue or yellow for the colours, with the price at £47.14.

Find out more at the Scandinavian Design Center website

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eBay watch: 1970s chrome and teak coat rack


A relic from a bygone era, but this 1970s chrome and teak coat rack is still a very stylish object.

Made up of 13 hexagonal pieces of wood, finished with a teak laminate, it also has a top shelf and removable chrome hooks and a metal backing structure keeping everything in place. There's also four metal brackets to fix it to the wall.

According to the seller, it is in 'good condition' but with a chip in the teak laminate on one of the wood cutouts. There are also small chips on the wooden batons forming the top shelf, but overall, hardly noticeable. Especially when you factor in the current £12.54 price.

Find out more at the eBay website

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8-bit Hanger by Meninos


Lovers of vintage gaming will no doubt love this 8-bit Hanger by Meninos. As will lovers of quirky home furnishings.

Yes, it's just like the hand of an old Nintendo character – Mario, Luigi, whoever you like really. Made from MDF and acrylic, with a screw-in fitting, the hand is available to hold anything you like, but would probably look and work better with an extra hand or two in the hallway.

But if you just want the one, it will retail for $19.99 (£13.33).

Find out more at the Meninos website

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eBay watch: Vintage Twiggy head clothes hangers


We're quoting the seller's description of the product even though we're not convinced it's official gear, but there's no denying that the vintage Twiggy head clothes hangers on eBay right now have a look of the hip 60s model turned M&S saleswoman.

Two of these hangers are currently on eBay, along with another similar design from the same seller, all 'found on a estate sale in Nuremberg Germany' and likely to date from the 60s or possibly early 70s.

Some wear through age as you would expect on these plastic hangers, but right now, cheap enough. £3.22 each to be precise as a starting price, although you'll have to filter in postage from Germany too.

Find out more at the eBay website

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Fifties-style kitchen hanger

Kitchen hanger

We featured a napkin holder last week, and this Fifties-style kitchen hanger will add another nice retro touch to the kitchen. Made from aluminium, it's partly a sign that writes out the word 'kitchen' in elegant 1950s-inspired cursive lettering. However, it has a practical use too as the sign also has three hooks, useful for hanging up aprons, tea towels or any other kitchen paraphernalia. 

The hanger costs £38.50 from Graham and Green. 

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