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Kidrobot’s All City Breakers – collectable old school hip hop figures


Remember we all used to collect football stickers, blindly buying them on the off-chance of getting the ones we wanted? That all stopped when we grew up. Although there is now an adult equivalent – Kidrobot's All City Breakers.

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Beastie Brat t-shirt at Stardust


Recognise the image? Yes, the Beastie Brat t-shirt at Stardust is based on a hip hop classic.

That being the original Beastie Boys logo from the debut '86 album, Licensed To Ill. So, not only are you dressing your child, you're making said child far more hip than the rest of the nursery intake with his or her nod to old school hip hop cool.

It's an ethically-made t-shirt, made from a premium interlock cotton, with nickel-free poppers and sizes from 0-6 months to 10 years. The price is £14.50, with an option for 'Beastie Girl' or 'Beastie Baby' if you prefer. If that doesn't appeal, the rest of the range features everyone from Joe Strummer to the Sisters of Mercy.

Find out more at the Stardust website

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Adidas x Def Jam Campus 80s trainers


Apologies for two Adi-related posts on the bounce, but we've just got wind of the Adidas x Def Jam Campus 80s trainers and felt we had to feature them.

In essence, still the 80s incarnation of the Campus trainers and as such, pretty much ripe for a Def Jam collaboration, the best one so far (we've ignored the others in truth). A limited edition, they offer up a blue suede finish with bright orange striping, plus the Adidas x Def Jam in gold, Def Jam branding inside and on the tongue, plus an Adidas orange heel.

Check out another shot of this modern-day old school classic over the page. £65 secures you a pair.

Find out more at the Crooked Tongues website

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Chad Muska KR3W CM Blaster Watch


Old school cool that comes with a touch of practicality, that's the CM Blaster Watch by Chad Muska.

It is indeed a (non-functioning) mini ghetto blaster, perfect as a chunky, old school hip hop-style accessory. But look closely and you'll see those clocks within, which run off a Japanese movement and can presumably offer up the time in two time zones.

The whole thing is finished off with a chunky chain and some adjustable antennas, with an asking price of 149 Euros online.

Find out more at the Caliroots website

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