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Kidrobot’s All City Breakers – collectable old school hip hop figures

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Remember we all used to collect football stickers, blindly buying them on the off-chance of getting the ones we wanted? That all stopped when we grew up. Although there is now an adult equivalent – Kidrobot's All City Breakers.

The principle is much the same, albeit with footie exchanged for old school hip hop. Yes, the first series of All City Breakers celebrates the best breaks and moves from the original hip hop dancers. Each set is individually foil-wrapped and sold blind, so you never know which set you are getting. Each packet will contain one b-boy and b-girl though, with a move frozen in plastic, not unlike old toy soldiers, along with a matching boombox.


Four colours to choose from – pink, green orange and blue, with all scheduled for release from September 15. They'll retail for £1.70 each. Presumably the large 'box' container is sold separately.

Find out more at the KRonikle website

Cheers to Mof Gimmers for the tip off!


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