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Classic Adidas trainers – 10 of the best new summer reissues


Ok, we got up this morning to be greeted with an avalanche of classic Adidas trainer reissues. So rather than trickle them out over a matter of days, we've decided to pick out the best 10 styles and feature each one at the His Knibs site.

So if you are interesting in new versions of the Adidas Country 2, Kick Beckenbauer Allround, Campus 80s, Gazelle II, Rom, Gazelle OG, Monte Carlo, Samba and lesser-seen 1960s Adidas Achill (pictured above), head on over there to check them out.

All are either available now or available for pre-order.

New Adidas reissues at the His Knibs website

Categories / Men's Fashion, Sportswear

His Knibs rounds up men’s clothing and footwear in the sales


We have mentioned a couple of the sale here, but if you are after some men's clothing and footwear bargains in the sales, check out our His Knibs site, where we're listing all the decent sales as and when we find them. The ones with a touch of the 'classic' anyway.

So far, there's the likes of Size?, End Clothing, Crombie, Lyle and Scott, ASOS, Fred Perry, Baracuta, Kiosk 78 and Hanon, with new ones being added on a regular basis.

If your wardrobe needs a makeover, check it out now.

His Knibs website