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Lego Minifigure ice cube maker


Back in the dark days of 2006, we featured a Lego ice cube maker, which knocked out frozen blocks the shape of lego bricks. Well, now the company has gone one better with the Lego Minifigure ice cube maker.

I think you've guessed how this works and what it does – just add water to the blue tray and in a matter of an hour or so, you'll have your own mini army of Minifigures, ready to pop into a glass, as well as impress your mates.

It's available via the Lego store right now, £3.99 gets you one.

Find out more at the Lego store website

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Pac-Man ice tray

Pac-man ice
Another item to add to the rush of Pac-Man products that currently seems to be hitting the high street, this time a Pac-Man ice tray.

For a now just-about grown up generation of gamers, this suitably bright yellow plastic tray allows you to make ice cubes in the shape of Pac-Man and the ghosts (complete with their blank eyes). You could could even get creative with your food colourings and colour the ice to match the game characters.  

The ice tray costs £9. 

Buy it from Urban Outfitters

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The Original Slush Mug


I'm guessing these were originally big in the US, because I can't remember the first coming of The Original Slush Mug in the UK. If you do, well it's back.

First introduced and used back in the 70s and 80s, the Slush Mug is an easy wway to make a slushy, icy drink on a hot day. Just freeze the mug’s liner, return it to the mug and pour in your favourite drink. Give it a stir and you have a perfectly mixed slushie.

Insulated so it stays colder for longer and able to take a shot of your favourite spirit too if you're in a party mood. Want one? Choose from two colours, both selling for £8.99. You'll thank us for this when the sun comes back out.

Find out more at the Firebox website