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Icon blackboards from Ghost Furniture

We've previously featured the vintage blackboards of Ghost Furniture. They've given a twist to their designs with this new range of Icon blackboards.

The blackboards are each decorated with the silhouette of an iconic star. So you've got Twiggy sat in the corner of the frame that's pictured above, or you could pick Marilyn with skirt blowing up taken from The Seven Year Itch. Other designs feature Madonna, Audrey Hepburn and Coco Chanel, surely meaning there is one for any preference of style. 

Each blackboard is a unique piece, so prices vary. As an indication the Twiggy blackboard is being sold for £125. 

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Visage wallpaper featuring Marilyn Monroe

Visage wallpaper
She's one of the most iconic of Hollywood stars – and now thanks, to this Visage wallpaper, you can have Marilyn Monroe in your home whenever and wherever you want her.

Part of the Albany catwalk range that also features retro clocks that we showed you last week, this wallpaper design reproduces the image of a youthful looking Marilyn, alongside some almost indecipherable text reading 'strike a pose'. There's a choice of two colourways available, both of which nod to the glamour of the big screen. Take your pick from black and grey with metallic inks, or chocolate and gold.  

The paper costs £19.99. 

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Make Me Iconic plastic tea towel


Inspired by the range of tourist iconography available in Great Britain, Make Me Iconic attempts to do the same with some of Melbourne's landmarks. They've commissioned young designers to create new artwork celebrating the history of the city, resulting in products like this Plastic Tea Towel.  

The design shows the Nylex Plastics sign, giving the time and temperature to residents since it was built on top of barley silos in 1961. Other designs focus on the city's milk bars, skyline and transport network and are shown across a range of cushions, prints and mugs, as well as the tea towels. Each product comes packaged with some information on the history of the object it illustrates. 

This design costs AUS $25. 

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