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Tatty Devine Royal Wedding Cameo Pendant


The avalanche of royal wedding themed products has surely reached it's zenith with only a few days to go until the event. Tatty Devine's Wedding Cameo Pendant is a standout piece for marking the event with a rare subtlety.

Pale toffee silhouettes of the happy couple stand in relief on a peach background mounted on matt gold perspex; a great modern take on a traditional Victorian fashion.

The beauty of the pendant is that it's not instantly recognisable as a wedding souvenir – only the date inscribed on the back reveals the identity of the two figures and the occasion it commemorates.

The pendant costs £33 from Tatty Devine here.


Categories / Women's Fashion

Kate Equestrian Jacket from Fred Flare


Heritage prints and fabrics are always a swift way to achieving a timeless look, working best with items of outerwear. This Kate Equestrian Jacket from Fred Flare taps into an English gentrified style, adding some strong retro fashion elements too.

The jacket's shape combines menswear inspiration with a feminine silhouette, with the corseting detail at the back creating a sharply defined waist. The use of contrasting suede accents adds some cute vintage style, while the front structure stays classic.

Get it online from Fred Flare now for $98.

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