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The Fleur red, white & blue wrap dress by Heyday Vintage Style

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With only a few days to go until the wedding, there may be a temptation to purchase some sort of patriotic garb. But just before you reach for that questionable commemorative t-shirt out of sheer panic, take a look at this Fleur red, white & blue wrap dress by Heyday Vintage Style.

Perfect for summer picnics as well as Royal nuptials, the 40s inspired frock is made of 100% cotton and finishes at the knee with flattering a-line skirt for an authentic vintage look. The ideal way to showcase your patriotic tendencies without sacrificing any of your style.  

The Fleur wrap dress is £80 from Heyday Vintage StyleSee the website for more details.

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Tatty Devine Royal Wedding Cameo Pendant


The avalanche of royal wedding themed products has surely reached it's zenith with only a few days to go until the event. Tatty Devine's Wedding Cameo Pendant is a standout piece for marking the event with a rare subtlety.

Pale toffee silhouettes of the happy couple stand in relief on a peach background mounted on matt gold perspex; a great modern take on a traditional Victorian fashion.

The beauty of the pendant is that it's not instantly recognisable as a wedding souvenir – only the date inscribed on the back reveals the identity of the two figures and the occasion it commemorates.

The pendant costs £33 from Tatty Devine here.


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Glass cake stand by Laura Ashley


Forget expensive afternoon tea at a hotel or restaurant, and step back to the 1950s and throw your own with this elegant cream glass cake stand by Laura Ashley.

It's so delicate you'll need to behave in a very dainty manner around it and it's craving some square cucumber sandwiches and minature-sized cakes and pastries. You won't have escaped the Royal Wedding fever being pushed from every direction, so why not embrace it and throw your own cake party with this regal cake stand.

It's everything you need to complete your tea party needs and only £28 from Laura Ashley online.

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Royal Wedding Biscuit Tin


Royal Wedding fatigue may be beginning to set in but the tide of commemorative products celebrating the forthcoming nuptials shows no sign of abating.

The Royal Wedding Biscuit Tin is tastefully illustrated with a vintage-style design which would make a very nice souvenir of the occasion but better than that, the tin is full of delicious vanilla biscuits in a range of wedding-themed designs.

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Bonnie Glass Storage Jar from Habitat

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With 4 weeks still to go until the big day, the flood of commemorative royal wedding bits & pieces shows no signs of slowing. Thank goodness then for Habitat bringing their much needed quality design expertise to the proceedings.

The large glass vintage-inspired Bonnie storage jar features a simple & stylish crown motif, with no crude portraits of the couple to be seen. Ideal for stuffing with homemade goodies to cart along to celebratory street parties on 29th April. 

Bonnie storage jar is £15 from Habitat stores and online.