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Gentleman’s and Lady’s A – Z by Chase and Wonder

Chase and wonder
Looking for some old-fashioned elegance? You could take your cue from Chase and Wonder's Gentleman's and Lady's A – Z prints.

Alongside retro typography, each illustrates some of the paraphernalia attached to being a true gent or lady. The gentleman's print, for example, runs from automobile to a zamburak, via a gramophone, moustache and top hat. Meanwhile, the lady's print includes lipstick, a corset and heels. A bit of gender stereotyping maybe, but done by designers David Aspinall and Faye Pearce with their tongue firmly in their cheek. 

The prints are limited to 200 copies and cost £60 each. 

Buy them from the Keep Calm Gallery

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Sodas: Pop-inspired prints by The Design Conspiracy


The Design Conspiracy have been influenced by Pop Art in their new series of Sodas screen prints

The London-based design studio have produced five different designs, each illustrating the top of a vintage soda bottle. The bright colours and over-sized graphics, fascination with packaging and the collective work on the project has obvious links back to Warhol and his factory project. Attractive individually, or a a set, each design is hand-pulled screen printed and limited to just 25 copies. 

The designs cost £35 each. 

Buy them from the Keep Calm Gallery