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Own and build Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye modernist house in cardboard


Fancy owning an iconic modernist home? Well, if you are prepared to put in a bit of work, you can pick up Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye modernist house for a fraction of the price of the original.

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Classic American School Bus Pencil Pot


Reorganise your workspace and add a splash of colour and style to your desk with this Classic American School Bus Pencil Pot from German designers Werkhaus.

This vehicular icon comes as a kit for you to assemble yourself in a few simple steps. It's made of sturdy mdf board printed with high resolution digital prints and coated with a UV curable coating to ensure the bright "school bus yellow" doesn't fade. It measures 22.5 x10.5cm so it ought to provide ample space for all of your desktop clutter.

The bus costs 14.90 from Little Zebra here.

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Umbro’s retro-styled New York Cosmos Anthem Jacket and Track Top now available to buy


Last year, we mentioned over on our His Knibs site that Umbro was remaking the New York Cosmos kit for the reformed US football legends. At the time, there was no news of it being for sale. Well, you can buy it now. At least, you can buy the best bits of the range.

Those 'best bits' are the New York Cosmos Anthem Jacket and Track Top . The Anthem is very much in a 1960s bomber jacket style, in a rich green with the New York Cosmos crest on the chest, the name embroidered across the back, a shaped body and a three-colour stripe on the cuff and collar. £54.99 is the price – see over the page for a picture of Pele wearing one.

Alternatively, Umbro has a Track Top out based on the 1970s version. In white, it has green detailing, the Cosmos badge and is made of a double knit fabric with polyester outer layer to protect you from the elements combined. That's also £54.99.

Find out more at the Mundo website

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New York Cosmos reforms – Umbro makes retro-styled kit


It seems that the New York Cosmos, the legendary US football (or 'soccer' if you like) team from the 70s and 80s, have reformed. Not only that, there's a new kit – the shirt is pictured above and a track top is pictured over the page, worn by the club's most famous son, both made by sportswear firm Umbro.

The club is apparently back under new ownership, with Pele as its honorary chairman and with the aim of (eventually) competing in the Major League Soccer tournament in the US. But right now, it's focusing on 'elite' youth academies to bring the best players through.

Despite the lack of league action, the club is producing new kits before the end of the year. No news on price or availability, but we suspect there will be big demand when it lands in a matter of weeks.

Umbro website

Via His Knibs

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Max Dalton mid-century cocktail party cut-out set


Aspire to the mid-century dream lifestyle but were born in the wrong decade and wrong country with the wrong budget? Live out your Mad Men-esque fantasies with this cocktail party cut-out set by Max Dalton

Like one of those paper dolls, you cut up the sheet and place the characters to replicate a swinging 60s soiree. The set includes everything from the house, to the car and the chairs and the slickly attired guests. There's a view of an assembled version over the page but, if the designs really appeal, you could frame the artwork as one piece. Fancy a barbecue instead? Well, you're in luck as Dalton's also designed one of them too with equal style. 

The prints start at $24.24, dependent on size. 

Buy it online

via Pillar Box Post

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