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Qwerty Laptop Sleeve

020926_005c58871a669d285728f0c1c6da2a61Why not pay tribute to that ancient forbear of your laptop, the manual typewriter, with this Qwerty Laptop Sleeve?

We've made huge technological strides forward from the days of typewriters and copy correction fluid referenced on this rather smart and thoroughly modern faux leather laptop sleeve. It has a soft black exterior impressed with a pattern of vintage typewriter keys and a nod to the movie classic "The Shining" with the repeated lines "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."

The sleeve will accomodate laptops and notebooks with up to 15 inch screens. It costs £25 and is available from the Pod Company here.

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Modesty Blaise laptop case by ChiLidog Design


You might recall the very cool Modesty Blaise suitcases we featured earlier this year. Well, there's now a matching piece for your portable PC – the Modesty Blaise laptop case by ChiLidog Design.

Like the cases, the laptop bag is inspired by artwork from cult 1960s comic strip Modesty Blaise, the work of Peter O'Donnell, although it was illustrated by Jim Holdaway. I say 'inspired' because the signature actually says 'Romero', which is more than a little confusing. Anyway, the retro-styled artwork is front and back, as well forming the design of the lining.

Choose from two sizes of bag, both made of highly durable neoprene to keep your computer safe. It's priced from £33.48. See over the page for the reverse image.

Find out more at the Scandinavian Design Center website

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Katakana midcentury-style writing desk by Dare Studio

It looks like a piece out of the 1950s, but this Katakana midcentury-style writing desk by Dare Studio has one eye on the present.

The Katakana desk has apparently been designed for use with a laptop, so just enough room for your average notebook, with special compartments for a power supply and clever cable management for unsightly wires. Or if you fancy writing a letter, there are tapered drawers which keep your pens always at the front of the drawer.

Made from black walnut, it’s available from Liberty, but not cheap at £3,295.

Find out more at the Liberty website

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Thomas Paul Luddite cases


The Thomas Paul Luddite cases are the perfect gift for those who have trouble grappling with the changing technologies of the twenty-first century. Named of course after the nineteenth century group who tried to prevent the changes brought by the industrial revolution, they are heavy weight cotton bags that have been hand screen printed with relics of past technology. 

So for example, on the left of the image above, is a case showing a gramophone: perfect for carrying around a MP3 player. The typewriter is on a laptop sleeve and the camera is shown on the case for the slightly more portable version that exists today. You can have fun guessing what is shown on the phone, cosmetics and pencil cases. 

Prices vary. The MP3 pouch and camera case are both $24, while the laptop sleeve costs $50.  

Buy them from Velocity Design