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Umbra bird cafe: modernist house shaped bird feeder

Cast your mind back and I'm sure you'll remember the FishCondo, a Le Corbusier style fish bowl. Well Umbra have decided that our feathered friends deserve the same treatment and have launched the Bird Cafe, a modernist take on the humble bird feeder. 

The bird feeder echoes the straight lines and gleaming white of modernist architecture on a very small scale – it's about 20cm high. Made from plastic, you can look through its window to keep an eye on seed levels. The birds, meanwhile, feed from the tray at the bottom of the structure. 

Suitable for hanging or for fixing to the wall, it means your birds can be fed in architectural style, even if the real life apartment is out of your price range. 

The bird cafe costs £30.

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For sale: 1950s Peter Womersley-designed Farnley Hey house in Farnley Tyas, near Huddersfield, West Yorkshire


One of the finest midcentury properties in Britain is up for sale – this Peter Womersley-designed Farnley Hey house in Farnley Tyas, near Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

Its stunning four-bedroom home with spectacular views over the Pennines, designed by architect Peter Womersley in 1954 as a wedding present to his brother. It was impressive then and it is impressive now – because Farnley Hey has been maintained in its original condition. Give or take a few appliances and utilities, you could be walking back into 1954 when you walk into this house.

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eBay watch: Le Corbusier 1959 Liverpool exhibition catalogue


I'll be honest, I was going to keep this quiet and bid myself on it, but the temptation to share this Le Corbusier 1959 Liverpool exhibition catalogue is too much.

It's a fascinating object. According to the seller, an exhibition of the work of the modernist architect and designer (also known as Charles-Édouard Jeanneret) was held in 1959 at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool and the Building Centre in London, with this being the illustrated catalogue produced for it, featuring the architecture, paintings, sculpture and tapestries that were featured way back then.

120 pages in A5 format, it's described as being in 'fair used' condition, but there are no tears, marks or missing pages. £4.99 seems like something of a steal if you have an interest in the designer or the city.

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Modernist-style FishCondo fish tank


While you may not be able to afford a modernist apartment for yourself, this FishCondo is surely the next best thing: a Le Corbusier style development for your fish. 

A world away from the faux bridges and treasure chests usually associated with fish tanks, this design is all gleaming white and straight lines. What's more, the Condos are stackable so you can buy a few and build your own fishy development, worthy of a Ville Contemporaine. 

Each FishCondo costs £40. 

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