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Umbra bird cafe: modernist house shaped bird feeder

Cast your mind back and I'm sure you'll remember the FishCondo, a Le Corbusier style fish bowl. Well Umbra have decided that our feathered friends deserve the same treatment and have launched the Bird Cafe, a modernist take on the humble bird feeder. 

The bird feeder echoes the straight lines and gleaming white of modernist architecture on a very small scale – it's about 20cm high. Made from plastic, you can look through its window to keep an eye on seed levels. The birds, meanwhile, feed from the tray at the bottom of the structure. 

Suitable for hanging or for fixing to the wall, it means your birds can be fed in architectural style, even if the real life apartment is out of your price range. 

The bird cafe costs £30.

Buy it from Stylish Life

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Umbra Fishcondo – modernist house-shaped fish bowl discounted once more at Achica


Regular readers will remember that we featured the Umbra Fishcondo when it was discounted at Achica just after Christmas. Well, Achica has just started another Umbra sale for the next day or so – and the Fishcondo is discounted once more.

As we mentioned back then, this is a modernist-style house for your fish, designed by Teddy Luong and with the option to add other floors by simply buying an extra one. The inner glass bowl is removable for cleaning, with the outer shell made of durable ABS plastic.

Achica has it discounted until the end of tomorrow, down from £49 to £25. Note that you’ll have to sign up to view (and buy from) Achica, but that’s free and very quick if you’ve not done it before. Fish, of course, are extra.

Achica website

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Giant Starburst Clock

We have featured a few starburst-style clocks in the past, but this one trumps them all – in terms of size at least.

The Giant Starburst Clock by Umbra is made from moulded wood, with a bronze finish. The hands are in contrasting white.  And the clock’s all important size? 61cm in diameter!

Stylish Living is selling the clock for £117.43 which seems a reasonable price, considering how much clock you get for your money.

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Umbra Condolisa Side Table – in the shape of a modernist house


One of our more popular recent posts was the Umbra Fishcondo, which was a fish bowl shaped like a modernist house. Well, not only is there a version for your goldfish, but there's a similar design for you to enjoy now, with the Umbra Condolisa Side Table.

As you might have guessed, it's by the same design team of Luong & Cheng, this time offering up a larger version of the modernist-inspired dwelling, as well as a version that has frosted acrylic cut-out windows within the high gloss wooden structure, plus some shelves for your bits and pieces. It also has a removable lid for last-minute hiding of your living room rubbish at short notice.

A new design for 2011 and standing around 48cm tall, it sells for £216.

Find out more at the Panik Design website