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Snoopy LED Christmas lights


In a few weeks time, you'll be amongst the crowds in your local B&Q trying to find a replacement set of Christmas lights for the ones that wouldn't work when you dragged them out of the loft this year. I bet the ones you get aren't as cool as these Snoopy LED Christmas lights.

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Lego Brick Light


Yes, ore Lego-based design, this time the eye-catching Lego Brick Light.

It's a battery-operated light, powered by 3x AAA batteries and able to offer plenty of brightness from the four LEDs within. Good for your desk, good for your bedside, even good for your wall with a wall mount included.

Available online, you can pick one up for £9.99.

Find out more at the Firebox website

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70s-style James watch collection by 666 Barcelona


A new company to me, but the James watch collection by 666 Barcelona has something of a familiar look.

Indeed, they're not a million miles away from the classic 1970s Lip watches we have featured in the past, but with more of a contemporary twist thrown in for the LED display.

Take your pick from a mix of metal and metal/rubbrer for the finish, the former in a choice of a metallic silver or gold, prices varying depending on where you buy. Watchismo sells the watches from $149, while the company sells to Europe direct, with prices starting at 116 Euros.

Find out more at the 666 Barcelona website