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Snoopy LED Christmas lights


In a few weeks time, you'll be amongst the crowds in your local B&Q trying to find a replacement set of Christmas lights for the ones that wouldn't work when you dragged them out of the loft this year. I bet the ones you get aren't as cool as these Snoopy LED Christmas lights.

Yes, the cartoon dog and everyone's favourite Peanuts character appears in a Santa hat for this set of lights. In total, there are 20 multicoloured LED lights, all battery powered you can string them pretty much anywhere – tree, mantelpiece, office desk, bed – the choice is yours.

You'll need 2x AA batteries to power the lights, which will run for a length of around 123cm and sell for £21.99.

Find out more at the Firebox website

One thought on “Snoopy LED Christmas lights

  1. Those lights are pretty cool – and much better than the dull ones I have on my tree! Maybe this year it’s time for something more adventurous 🙂

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