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Lomography launches the all-new Lomo LC-Wide camera


With so many variations on the same thing, it’s nice to see something new from Lomography. Although the new LC-Wide is actually a new take on the first-ever Lomo, the LC-A.

It’s a more versatile model than that cult classic, now with a specially-developed ultra-wide-angle 17 mm Minigon glass lens and the option to take snaps in full, square or half-format, the last of those offering 72 shots on a roll of 36-shot film if you want test out your skills. Yes film, like all the Lomo range. Of course, the ultra-wide-angle lens means you can also opt for some panoramic shots too for the bigger picture.

If you want the full technical breakdown, check out the website for that. Indeed, it’s only available to buy online and in limited numbers right now. £349 is the price.

Find out more at the Lomography website

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San Francisco lomo art photograph

San francisco
Truly a special piece for anyone familiar with this great city. This lomo art photograph of San Francisco was taken with a vintage camera, using film that is no longer in production. There are three prints of 16 x 16 inches available or other sizes can be made to order.

A larger verson of the famous image, featuring downtown San Fancisco with a view across the bay, was recently on display with RAW Artists at Cinespace in Hollywood.

Even it's creation, by hand in a darkroom with an enlarger and trays, gives this unique photo a retro aura and if you're as taken by this image as we are, get your very own on Etsy, for £82.51, made by Tara Holland. Prints are made to order, and will take a minimum of three weeks to arrive with extra costs for posting to the UK, find out more on the Etsy website.

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Lomo LC-A+ White limited edition camera set


We have featured the Lomo LC-A+, not least when it celebrated 25 years last year. Well, it’s 26 this year and the camera that started the whole Lomography thing off is back as the Lomo LC-A+ White.

It’s quite a package too. This Soviet-era 35mm camera still has that Russian Minitar 1 f/2.8 32mm lens, but this time comes with a white camera body with white leather detailing that’s ‘inspired by a Japanese garden’. There’s also a multiple exposure switch for easy, real-time double-exposure, expanded film ISO settings from 100 to 1600, a cable release thread for shake-free night-time and indoor shooting and a hot shoe for external flash.

Oh yes, there’s also a cool matching white case and the option to upgrade to allsorts of extras, some of which are pictured over the page. Only 1,000 worldwide, it’s priced at £379.

Find out more at the Lomography website

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