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eBay watch: Vintage Sirram complete picnic set


If nothing else, we are at least topical. So on a warm day, we've found the perfect accessory – this vintage Sirram complete picnic set.

The seller's description isn't overly detailed, so I don't know if everything is original. I suspect it all is – it all fits and it all matches, which is always a good start. That includes two flasks, various containers, cups, cutlery and plates.

Condition looks good, with the possible exception of the case fasteners. They probably just need a good clean though. £35 is the current bid price.

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Polaroid Camera Set at Urban Outfitters


We've still not seen the Lady Gaga Polaroid cameras in the shops, so if you want to go Polaroid right now, you'll have to buy something like this Polaroid Camera Set at Urban Outfitters.

Sadly, Urban Outfitters doesn't give the full model details of the camera in question. We've done some hunting round and not found an exact copy – if you are an expert, feel free to drop a comment below.

But it does offer all the classic Polaroid functionality, with instant snaps developed in front of your eyes in minutes, with some modern-day PX film from Impossible Project thrown in to get you started. A handy flash too, for poor light snaps. £120 is the price of the set, but be warned – refill film packs (also available at Urban Outfitters), do cost £25 each.

Find out more at the Urban Outfitters website

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Lomo LC-A+ White limited edition camera set


We have featured the Lomo LC-A+, not least when it celebrated 25 years last year. Well, it’s 26 this year and the camera that started the whole Lomography thing off is back as the Lomo LC-A+ White.

It’s quite a package too. This Soviet-era 35mm camera still has that Russian Minitar 1 f/2.8 32mm lens, but this time comes with a white camera body with white leather detailing that’s ‘inspired by a Japanese garden’. There’s also a multiple exposure switch for easy, real-time double-exposure, expanded film ISO settings from 100 to 1600, a cable release thread for shake-free night-time and indoor shooting and a hot shoe for external flash.

Oh yes, there’s also a cool matching white case and the option to upgrade to allsorts of extras, some of which are pictured over the page. Only 1,000 worldwide, it’s priced at £379.

Find out more at the Lomography website

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