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Lucie Sheridan Traditional London Characters Screenprints


Lucie Sheridan has produced a small collection of Traditional London Characters Screenprints.


There are three designs to choose from; On Guard featuring a guard in traditional dress, Pearly Shirley, a Pearly Queen and Pearly Stanley, her male counter-part. They are limited edition, with the Guard having run of 40 prints, and the other two designs just 30 each.

They cost £195 each from The Old Sweet Shop.

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Lucie Sheridan’s Tea T’Owl


You may remember Lucie Sheridan's distinctive moose head which we featured just before Christmas. Well, for perhaps an easier way to get her designs into your home, take a look at this Tea T'Owl.

The clue is in the name: it's a tea towel featuring some of our favourite birds, owls. The owls are depicted in a very stylized way with the orange and brown colour scheme enhancing the retro feel.

The towel costs £9.50. 

Buy it from All Things Original