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Tammis Keefe 1950s textile designs reissued


Tammis Keefe may not be a household name, certainly in the UK, but in the 1940s and 1950s the American designer was responsible for many popular and cheerful textile designs. Michael Miller have now reissued some of her most distinctive designs for fabric and Fifties enthusiasts. 

Fifteen designs have been reissued in total, selected from the work of the prolific designer. The playful Alligator cotton shown above is illustrative of Keefe's style which, in turn, was very typical of the period. Other designs are based around cats, birds and owls. 

The fabrics are available from a range of sellers on Etsy, with prices starting for around $8 a yard. 

via Retro Renovation

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Matt Pugh Wooden Owls

Matt Pugh is a designer who aims to create timeless pieces from natural products, but one his signature designs, these Wooden Owls, have a midcentury Scandinavian look to them.

The owls are available in a range of finishes, so you can build up a collection of them (a parliament, to use the correct collective noun). You can choose from walnut or oak with red, green, white, blue or pink tops, or oak with stained tops.

The owls measure 10cm x 5cm x 5cm and cost £25 each from Matt Pugh’s website.

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Lucie Sheridan’s Tea T’Owl


You may remember Lucie Sheridan's distinctive moose head which we featured just before Christmas. Well, for perhaps an easier way to get her designs into your home, take a look at this Tea T'Owl.

The clue is in the name: it's a tea towel featuring some of our favourite birds, owls. The owls are depicted in a very stylized way with the orange and brown colour scheme enhancing the retro feel.

The towel costs £9.50. 

Buy it from All Things Original