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Make-do-and-Mend with John Lewis


Surprisingly for a department store, John Lewis are encouraging their customers to be frugal this autumn. They're tapping into the Make-do-and-Mend trend this autumn and with a small booklet and practical classes at selected stores. 

Their booklet is a collection of top thrift tips collected from their employees, rather than the reprint from the Imperial War Museum featured earlier this year. They've done a great job in packaging it up in retro style using lovely line drawings to illustrate the tips. It's on sale in their shops for £3, with all money going to John Lewis Foundation. 

The classes take place at four selected John Lewis shops at end of this month and over October and they are encouraging you to bring along any clothes and accessories in need of updating. The classes are free to attend, though apparently you will be charged for materials used.  

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