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Trellick With Margo Selby bag range at People Will Always Need Plates


We saw the two collaborate on some Bus Blind fabric earlier in the year, but we haven't previously encountered Trellick With Margo Selby bag range at People Will Always Need Plates.

As the name suggests, the range is inspired by the facade of Goldfinger's iconic Trellick Tower, with a choice of colours and designs – a blowing bag, pencil case/make-up bag, purse, washbag and weekender bag. Oh yesa, there are also cushions too, which obviously aren't bags, but we'll not quibble over the detail.

The bowling bag is available in two colour options and sized at 35 x 23cm, with leather contrasting the Trellick cloth. £160 is the price for this, see the rest of the range on the website.

Find out more at the PWANP website

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Trellick Tower façade cushion from Margo Selby and People Will Always Need Plates


You may think that People Will Always Need Plates have exhausted all the possible designs that come from the Trellick Tower: we've seen cushionsplates and mugs and even a Christmas stocking. However, it's back to this iconic Brutalist building they go for their latest product, a cushion of the Trellick Tower façade, produced in collaboration with Margo Selby

Margo's skill lies in weaving – indeed you may have seen her on the BBC Mastercrafts programme – and this cushion shows the façade of the building recreated using woven silk/viscose jacquard. This gives a nice tactile feel and some would almost say an almost welcoming look both to the building and to the cushion.

The cushions are turquoise on one side and white on the other and filled with a feather core. They cost £70 each. 

Buy it from Rume