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Marooned on Mongo cushions by Diffraction Fiber on Etsy

Marooned on Mongo

It's a not-so-secret fact that we love retro sci-fi, particularly the sort that involve shaky sets, dodgy special effects and not-so-scary monsters. Of course, no far-fetched adventure in outer space would be complete without ray guns.

If you're the sort of person who worries that giant spiders or robots may come knocking at your door some day, you'll need these b-movie inspired Marooned on Mongo cushions from Diffraction Fiber on Etsy. Made of eco-felt (produced from recycled plastic bottles), this set of handcut cushions feature a space age ray gun on one and an old school Batman-esque sound effect 'Pew! Pew!' bubble on the other. We can't promise you that it'll protect you from an army of martians but you can at least bash them over the head with it.

The pair are $40 from Diffraction Fiber's Etsy store.